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Reading the Media: Media literacy in High School English

Renee Hobbs


Hobbs, Renee (2007). Reading the Media: Media Literacy in High School English. New York: Teachers College Press.

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This pioneering book, by one of the founders of the media literacy field, provides the first empirical evidence of the impact of media literacy on the academic achievement of adolescents. It chronicles the practice of high school teachers who prepared their students to critically analyze all aspects of contemporary media culture. To do so, they developed an innovative curriculum that incorporates popular media, television, journalism, film, and new media into the required English curriculum. This book examines the processes they used to design and implement the new curriculum and provides a "gold standard" performance-based measure of media literacy competencies. Research results show that, compared to a matched control group, students at Concord High School demonstrated higher levels of growth in responding to both news and advertising, advancing critical analysis, reading comprehension and writing skills.

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