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Grandparents of Media Literacy

Undergraduate and graduate students benefit from exploring the multidisciplinary history of media literacy

The Grandparents of Media Literacy is the website companion to a book edited by Renee Hobbs entitled Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy through Personal Narrative, which was published by Temple University Press in 2016. Read the book online. 

The Grandparents of Media Literacy recognizes that media literacy educators were influenced by a wide range of metaphorical grandparents whose ideas fertilized their work in the field. At the website, anyone can upload an intellectual grandparent, providing information about their work that helps people to understand their key ideas and contributions. Anyone can share a story about any grandparent, explaining "how they influenced you."

Through this website, we aim to discover threads of previously overlooked connection to understand the subjectively-experienced history of media literacy education around the world.