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 As a learning community, the Media Education Lab has impacted the global field of media literacy by developing pioneering approaches to professional development, research, and community engagement. We have created a variety of educational resources, platforms, and learning environments. By working collaboratively with schools and universities, we have supported the development of thousands of educational leaders, researchers, activists, and community engaged media professionals across the country and around the world. 

On the anniversary of our 20th year, Professor Yonty Friesem takes the helm as the new Executive Director of the Media Education Lab. Working collaboratively, Yonty will lead the Media Education Lab into the next phase of its important work. 

Building a Global

Learning Community


In 2023, visitors to the Media Education Lab website totaled 33,555 unique individuals from 184 countries around the world!


Grant funding from the

U.S. Department of Homeland Security


Webinars from January 1 to December 31 bring people together for dialogue, discussion, and learning


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Over more than 20 years, the Media Education Lab has helped to bring together practitioners and scholars to advance the practice of media literacy education locally and globally. Under the leadership of Renee Hobbs, the organization has reached hundreds of thousands of educators, students, and community leaders. We have trained educators in countries including Italy, Portugal, Brazil, China, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Georgia, Japan, and other nations.

Here is a sample of some highlights of our most impactful work so far:

Professional Development

1993. Harvard Institute on Media Education. 

1995. Know TV

1998. Assignment Media Literacy with Maryland State Department of Education and Discovery Communications Inc

2006. Powerful Voices for Kids

2012 to 2023. Summer Institute on Digital Literacy

2014 to present. Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy, University of Rhode Island 

2014 to present. Northeast Media Literacy Conference - now MediaEd Forum

2020. Virtually Viral Hangouts. 

2020. The Road to Copyright Clarity.

2024. MediaEd Institute


Policy Leadership

2007. Code of Best Practices in Media Literacy Education. 

2010. Media Literacy: A Plan of Action. 

2012. A Field Guide to Media Literacy Education in the United States  

2017. Digital Literacy in Higher Education

2021. Media Literacy Implementation Index with Media Literacy Now

2021. Task Force on Critical Media Literacy with National Council of Teachers of English

2022. Illinois Media Literacy Coalition - Framework 


Curriculum Resources 

2006. My Pop Studio

2010. The Media Straight Up with Drug Free Pennsylvania

2013. URI Ram Star Academy

2015. Mind Over Media Propaganda

2016. Grandparents of Media Literacy

2017. Media Production Hive

2018. Internet: Indispensible or Evil?

2022. Media for Social Imapct

2023. Courageous Conversations



Seven Great Debates in the Media Literacy Movement

Reading the Media: Media Literacy in High School English

Copyright Clarity 

International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy 

Using Virtual Exchange to Advance Media Literacy Competencies Through Analysis of Contemporary Propaganda 

How Propaganda Constructs the Enemy

Routledge Handbook on Media Education Futures Post-Pandemic

Teaching Truth Lies and Accuracy in the Digital Age

Beyond Accessability: